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Roger Williams's Little Book of Virtues

(Wipf & Stock, March 2020) speaks to those concerned about the rise of politicized form of US based Christianity. What can contemporary seekers like Garrison learn from her 11th great-grandfather and pioneer of religious liberty? They both champion the separation of church and state, a cause that led them to leave the institutionalized church and continue on as spiritual seekers.

Exploring Spiritual Narcissism Within U.S. Church Systems

This piece penned in 2018 focuses on the narcissism found in Trump's supporters and the former president. Since the publication of this piece, I've begun to explore the range of spiritual narcissism found throughout the institutional church from the most liberal to more fundamental expressions.

Sports Stories: Roy B. Clogston (1905-1995)

This short is part of a work-in-progress titled War of the Game, a fictionalized account of Roy Bennet Clogston’s recollections of his sports stories with a focus on his World War II adventures coaching football in the Pacific. This story is set against the backdrop of the Covid-19 global pandemic as the granddaughter tried to connect with her 106-year-old grandfather's stories before his passing Think Unbroken meets Big Fish and goes to The Pacific on Any Given Sunday.